When two souls fall in love, then that's when magic happens.

couples and engagement PHOTOGRAPHer IN RALEIGH, NC

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anderson point park

alex + Lofton

Alex and Lofton have been married for years, and we decided to take their folky-vibes up to the hill of Raleigh and take photos as the sunsets over the city. Luckily we were able to capture this when we did as they relocated across the country - they now will have photos to remember Raleigh with for the rest of their lives.

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raleigh, nc

laru + Ellis

Laru, another photographer, wanted to capture the (undeniable) love between her and her husband. With their adventurous spirit, we didn't let the rain stop us. In fact, it let them run free and wild, symbolizing that they can embrace anything that's thrown at them. No doubt these two are the real deal.

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north carolina museum of arts

chrissy + Cameron

Recently engaged, Chrissy and Cameron wanted to embrace both of their styles through their photos, one dressed up and modern, and the other earthy and romantic. Luckily we found the perfect location that has both elements to bring their vision to life. 

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the experience


A love to remember

 I truly believe photography goes beyond just photos; it's an experience. I want to make this as fun and easy for you as possible! When you hire me, you're getting someone who will help you with each step of the process, from clothing coordination, to location suggests, to guiding you through the session itself (plus more)!

No one knows your story more than you, and I'm here to listen. From where you met, to the first kiss, to even what silly things your partner does that may drive you a bit nuts - each tidbit of knowledge helps bring your images alive.

I believe in letting go of what you should be doing in photos, and instead embrace who you're doing them with. I'm like the third wheel - don't even pay me no mind. 

the process

A session with
Drop of golden sun photography

01. say hello!

Ready to learn more? Hooray! I'm so excited to get a chance to talk with you! Simply fill out my contact form (below) and I will get back with you to discuss what you're envisioning for your session and go over my process a little more!

02. make it official

Did we just become best friends? ;)
I'm so excited to make this official with you! I'll send over my booking proposal where you can pay your $195 retainer and secure your date with me! 

03. dive deeper

Let the planning begin!
This is where I get to know your vision a bit better and where I also help assist on the other aspects of a photo session like clothing and location suggestions.

It's go-time! Feeling nervous? 100% normal. My job is to help bring out the connection between you and your loved ones. This is the time to let loose and embrace everything!

04. photo session

05. photographs

What you've all been waiting for, the photos! I send my sneaks within 2 days of the photo session and deliver your gallery within three weeks via a private online gallery. This is where you choose your collection and receive your complimentary art credit! 

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Ramie was the best photographer to work with!! Not only is she extremely talented, she is so thorough and made my fiancé and I feel super comfortable and prepared for our shoot. The quality and beauty of the photos would have been enough-but her awesome presence and preparedness made the experience even better!

- Chrissy

I understand everyone has a specific budget and I'm here to work with you! I have a range of collections you can choose from, anywhere from 5 digital images all the way to a full digital gallery. Because I believe photos should also be displayed and not hidden in files on a computer, I offer art credits with certain collections that can be used towards purchase of print bundles, framed prints, and albums from my chosen professional print shop. The quality is like no other, and I know you will be happy with the outcome!

collections starting at $350

couples photo collections

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I'm so excited to hear from you! Please fill out the contact form below and I'll get back with you ASAP.