pronounced like the musical scale, do·

hi, I'm Ramie



drop of golden sun


While my business opened up in 2021, my love for photography has been going on for years. I used to scour Instagram and find artists whose work would catch my eye. The type of photos that seem to attract me most are those that convey emotion. But beyond that, I’ve found occasionally adding motion blur, some grain for that film-like look, and adding airy elements really elevates those emotions to me. Because of that, you’ll find a lot of those elements in my work. 

grain lover • wild and free


On the outside I'm just an average, plain gal.
On the inside I daydream about love stories, and cottage-core tea parties, and old greenhouses covered in vines. I listen to indie-folk and acoustic covers (with the occasional 90's + today's hits).
I'm a romantic at heart.

wildflowers • sweets • fireplaces